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 Pan's Labryrinth

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Yvonne (Pray4Supernova)
Yvonne (Pray4Supernova)

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PostSubject: Pan's Labryrinth   Pan's Labryrinth Icon_minitimeSun Jun 17, 2007 1:21 pm

I thought I was renting a children's movie with a realy ugly Pan. No...this is not a movie for kids (at least young ones) due to the extreme violence. There are 2 stories going on here...a "reel" life violent war and a young girls experience with Pan. Could she be the daughter of a man from long ago come back to life? She has 3 tests to find out and if so, returns to her kindgom alongside her father. Or could this be a figment of her imagination to deal with all the violence around her? The part of pan's world is beautiful and strange and fantastical, the "reel" war life has a lot of wood, wood carriages, wood rooms, wood bed, woods,etc. Old, old, old. There is violence - in the reel world, there, the bad guys are always bad and capable of the worst kind of evil- flippant murder of anyone, and the good guys can be good or capable of being bad. Overall, this movie was fascinating. I didn't like the ending because it was so incredibly sad but that does not mean it was not a great movie, I was just destroyed by the face of true evil and that it led to this little girl's death in the "reel" life. But was she saved by passing the 3 tests??? hmnnnn

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Pan's Labryrinth
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