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 The Freedom Writers

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Yvonne (Pray4Supernova)
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PostSubject: The Freedom Writers   The Freedom Writers Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2007 11:11 pm

Can an English teacher really break through to innercity kids who's concerns are just making it alive every day they wake up? Yes. This is based on a true story and is truly very inspiring.

Hilary Swank plays the teacher who's unusual tactics cross the individual and group walls that these teens have made for themselves. She can be touching at times but mostly a little too enthusiastic to believe. "C'mon kids, let's play a game, you can either play a game or have regular class, C'mon it wil be fun!" So they play "step on the line" . Step on the line if someone you know died due to gangs" Step on the line if more than 2 people died that you know due to gangs" Of course her tone changes to extremely careful and probing after such an enthusiastic sell of the game, which is a little odd. I'm thinking "Ohhhh so much fun!" But aside from the wierdness of her overchipperness vs her treatment of tough issues, this is truly a miracle that she was able to reach these kids, she gave them a chance that they saw no one else would give them. I am going to buy the book about the freedom writers. A must see.

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The Freedom Writers
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