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Yvonne (Pray4Supernova)
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PostSubject: Apocalypto   Apocalypto Icon_minitimeThu May 31, 2007 1:44 am

Love him or hate him for his recent stupidities, Mel Gibson is one heck of a director. Yes there is violence and blood and gore, the usual qualities of a movie that I like but what I love is that the actors look like real mayans, they are not stunningly beautiful people dressed down, they are real people and they joke like real people, they hate like real people, and they love and start a new life like real people. There is humor there is tension there is pride and joy and hope. It had some twists and turns and one pivotal point where you are like..okay...the movie is half way through, how can they kill the main character? Bad can't kill him.. and *twist* that comes outta nowhere. Like uh huh riiiiight. I loved it all the same, always some damn thing but without em it would have been a snoozer. This is a great movie.

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