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 Who Killed The Electric Car?

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Yvonne (Pray4Supernova)
Yvonne (Pray4Supernova)

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Who Killed The Electric Car? Empty
PostSubject: Who Killed The Electric Car?   Who Killed The Electric Car? Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2007 2:56 pm

I know, by the name alone it sounds like one of those disney kid movies but it is not. This movie is about the emergence of the new technology of an electric car, seems to be somewhere in the late 90's going forward till about 2003-2005. It is about finally finding what seems to be a great solution to the polution problem, but somehow, the whole thing being squashed by ____??? They were expensive cars but at least those who could afford it would not be contributing to pollution. How does a car maker market a oil/gass free car without making their main bread winners: the gas guzzling oil using cars, look bad and lose money? It doesn't. I see myself slowly evolving into an earth conservationist. I am just educating myself so far, and these topics are appealing to me more and more. Perhaps it is because of my own sensitivity health wise to all kinds of air pollutants. I think it is a good film to watch to know why this car was such an important part of history and hopefully will work its way to being fully electric again.

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Who Killed The Electric Car?
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